How to add a cookies consent popup in Elementor

Why do you need a Cookie consent popup?

European Union law dictates that businesses who collect information about internet users need to declare this to the user before they do so. Therefore, most websites use a permanent banner or temporary popup in order to comply with EU law. This notice must disclose the fact that the website uses cookies, and it’s a good place to link the cookie policy where more details about the information is disclosed.

Not all wordpress websites use cookies, but if you require users to login, use WooCommerce, Google Analytics or any other function dependent on cookies you must declare it to be within the law.

A popup is a great way of getting this distraction out of the way first and foremost, and it doesn’t need to display every time if the user has already agreed.

How do you build a popup in Elementor?

First create a new Popup template. You can do this from the dashboard menu:

Templates > Theme Builder > Add New

Select Popup and give a meaningful name to your new template such as “cookie consent popup”

Styling the Cookie Consent popup

Elementor Pro has several pre-designed cookie consent popups. You can start from scratch, or pick one of these to use or amend for your site. Try searching “cookie” in the search box to only see popups related to cookies:

Key functions of a popup

The popup needs to have an accept button that closes the popup. This is a dynamic link option, which should be selected in the “Popup” settings.

Publish your popup

When you publish the draft popup, if you haven’t done so already Elementor will require you to make some Publish Settings that don’t appear on all other templates.

First Under Conditions click on “Add condition” where you will want to include “entire site”.

Next select the trigger conditions. These are the what events will cause the popup to first appear on screen. You will most likely want to chose “On Page Load”.

Finally, under “Advanced Rules” it’s a good idea to select “Show up to X times” and select 1 “On Close”. This means as soon as the user has Closed the popup once (By clicking on the accept button) they won’t see it again (unless they clear their cookies or use another browser).