Adding a Dynamic Copyright year that automatically updates in Elementor

Why do websites use a copyright notice?

The copyright symbol © is intended as a reminder that the content displayed is under copyright. It isn’t essential in every country, web content is widely protected under copyright law regardless of the presence of the words or symbol. However, it is useful to prompt would-be “borrowers” to contact first and ask permission.

The format of a copyright notice

There are 3 aspects required for a copyright notice:

  • The name of the content owner (business, person or group)
  • The effective year
  • The word or symbol ‘copyright’ ‘©’

e.g. © Stonehawk digital 2021 or Copyright © Stonehawk Digital 2021.

Dynamically using the current year in Elementor for a copyright notice

Usually in the footer of the page, the easiest way is to add a “Text Editor” block.

Then click on the “dynamic content” tab, and scroll down to select “Current Date Time”.

Then Click on the spanner by current date time to edit the settings. Here change the date format to Custom. And set the Custom Format to just the year by using the code ‘Y’. This will return the current year on the server in format YYYY e.g. 2021.

Finally, in advanced set some text before the date appears. Remember to leave a space at the end of your before text so that there is a space before the date.

And the result is ready to use in the footer, and it will always be up to date!