How to write a social media post for your business

There is a wealth of information available on how to create social media posts for a company. We think it’s fantastic that so many entrepreneurs and companies share their hard-earned research for FREE (sure, it helps their SEO ranking with Google but we greatly appreciate it none-the-less).

Here is our quick three-stage process we follow when creating social media posts for our clients. We hope you find it useful. Any questions/comments? Contact us!

1. Decide on your topic/idea

Are you stuck on what to post? It’s best to plan ahead- try out some of these Social Media posting ideas:

IdeaHow to implement the idea
Statistics Share Share relevant statistics on industry subject relevant to your customers
Posts Showing Your Company’s Culture
What better way to showcase your business than by sharing a culture post?
A culture post is an image or article that highlights what your business is all about. It could be a behind-the-scenes image of your employees doing something quirky or an article about how your business does something a certain way

Environmentally friendly posts are very popular at the moment – are you doing your bit in the office and recycling and using less plastic?
Quotes from the team – Inspirational quotes or company goals A few words are fine – try and use Canva to create a stand out graphic with your brand colours
Share A Favourite Book/Manual/How to Share your favourite and always tag the author or any companies that have contributed to it
Get Your Employees To Guest Post Do an interview with your people in the field. Ask staff to share posts about their experience working at your company.
Your favourite quote or mantra These could be weekly – change the theme regularly too
Support A Cause Giving back is important to all people and businesses. Encourage your followers to support the causes you hold dear to your heart.
FAQ Is there a common question you hear from clients? Write it down and answer it in your social media campaign.
Solicit feedback and stories from your subscribers as often as possible. Actively seek feedback from your readers. A twist on this is to include testimonials from clients, or even just comments from emails/social media/word of mouth.
Tips A tip is a great way to give value and demonstrate your expertise. Think of what you’re always telling clients,  and write it up.
Who you are – don’t be afraid to get personal Share fun facts about you – (Be positive!)
Local events Think about any relevant events happening near the office – maybe pop in, take a selfie and do some networking – and then SHARE! 🙂
Polls A great way to take your readers’ temperature on something is to post a poll. Facebook has a built-in poll for this. You can also create the poll in SurveyMonkey and post the link in all of the social media platforms.
Press mentions Keep a list of articles that you were mentioned in or wrote and got published, and share your news in a post that links to the article.
Awards Have you ever won any awards? Take a photo of the trophy, plaque or certificate or use the photo taken while you received the award and post it along with a little bit of background on the award.
Past events A lot of times, we have great photos of events that we just attended. Even though they are in the past, it’s a great idea to make an album or post a group of photos that shows you networking or having fun at the event.
Something someone else wrote If you see a post you love and relate to, share it. But be careful: stay away from polarising topics like religion and politics.
Tutorials A how-to tutorial that’s not related to a product.
Pet photos of employees Especially good on a Friday.
Employee profiles Introduce your staff to the world. Or just wish them “Happy Birthday.”
Feelings Share a positive win you completed in your business – a deadline met, a client you helped, a change in the office

2. Choose a Call to Action (CTA)

Once you have picked your topic- remember, its always good practise to try and engage with every post you make. Why not try some of the example CTAs below?

Sign up

  • Will You Be There? [LINK]  
  • Save Your Seat guys! [LINK]
  • Limited Seating Available, don’t miss out! [LINK]
  • Seriously, SIGN UP! You’ve Got Nothing To Lose: [LINK]

Promote engagement

  • What Are Your Thoughts? Let us know in the Comments!
  • QUICK QUESTION: Do You Prefer A, B, Or C? 
  • YES or NO? ____________ Vote now!
  • Have You Ever ______?
  • How Would You Handle ______?  [LINK] (asking for responses; tie it in with your topic)
  • Tag a friend who would LOVE this!
  • What’s YOUR Favourite ______? [LINK] (tie it in with your topic)
  • Please Share With Your Friends And Fans: [LINK]

Download/Follow a link

  • Grab Yours Now –> [LINK] (Include the arrow too!)
  • Read This Post: [LINK]
  • This Article Will Teach You How To ______: [LINK]
  • View This _____ To Learn How To ______: [LINK]
  • Want A Sneak Peek At ______? [LINK]
  • You Don’t Want To Miss _______! [LINK]
  • This Is THE Solution For ______: [LINK]
  • This List Is Filled With Resources For ______: [LINK]

3. Source an image/video for Social Media

Don’t ever post without a visual (unless you are using LinkedIn…but that’s another discussion).

Here are our favourite resources to get free images from…

…and some websites to source free videos

If you still have writers block, here are 6 Websites to help you source National Days/Awareness Days to help promote your business