Bing: How To Get a Free 9%* Boost To Your Business

Why you should get your business on Bing Places

Microsoft’s answer to Google, it’s the second most popular search engine (apart from baidu in China) and you might question the use in advertising on it. But you’ll soon see why you should – Approximately 9% of web traffic goes through Bing, and the majority of that is from the wealthiest demographic.

* You might get more than 9% new business

Depending on who you ask, and what country we’re talking about, approximately 9% of web traffic goes through Bing. Why? Google is the search engine leader, but Bing is the default search engine to all windows products. So, anyone who buys a new computer or windows phone and doesn’t change the default browser will be a Bing user. Typically, these users are middle aged or older. So, if your target audience is over 50, you’ll be delighting to hear you might get even more of an increase in business because of this demographic.

* Why you might get less than 9% new business

Some countries have a good slice of traffic going through Bing, but if your target audience are in a country like Brazil (Bing traffic 3%) you won’t see such a dramatic increase in business. Additionally, if your target audience is young and tech savvy, again they are less likely to be using this 2nd rate search engine.

You don’t need to share your address on Bing if your business is remote or online

On the additional business details tab when editing your business on Bing Places, you will have an option to hide this address from search results. The business will still appear, but you won’t be sharing your home address or shared office online.

It’s time your business got Verified on Bing Places

It’s easy enough to set up a Bing Places account, but it doesn’t count for much if it doesn’t appear in searches – for this you must get verified.

Step 1 – Enter your details

Go to and fill in your details. You will need to fill in your address, but this is only for Bing to send your verification code, it will never be available online if you don’t want it to be.

Step 2 – Receive your Verification letter

In a week or so Bing Places will send you a verification letter, just like mine did! There’s nothing like the feeling of legitimacy like having a letter arrive in your business’ name!

Step 3 – Enter your Verification Code

Log into the verification URL:, and enter the 6 digit verification code in your letter.

Now you are verified, what are the advantages of being a business on Bing Places?

With your free Bing Places account, you have a lot of advantages to unregistered users:

  • Appearing more prominently on Bing search engine (which accounts for approximately 9% of searches)
  • Appearing on Bing Maps with your business address or service area
  • You’ll get a nofollow backlink – not worth a whole lot, but is still a link that is worth a few minutes creating.