Kallums Bathrooms

In 2021 Kallums Bathrooms needed assistance with a website they had built using Elementor with a mix of custom code and a custom theme. The site had been built uisng a mixture of Elementor’s global settings with custom css, and it made any content updates unpredictable. The style was inconsistent across the site’s WooCommerce and blog pages. Excessive 3rd party plugins used with Elementor created large loading times where nearly all material could have been made in Elementor Pro.

Libby changed the custom theme to Hello Elementor the recommended theme for use with Elementor. This theme is extremely basic, and not resource demanding – however required the global settings of Elementor to be filled out and used correctly. After this, conflicting plugins were removed, and functionality from Elementor Pro replaced them. Along with some image resizing, and simplifying the construction of basic page elements, the site speed increased dramatically. Templates were built for WooCommerce, blogging and case studies allowing predictable content to be added by anyone from Kallums.