Knightwood Care

In 2021 we built a Knightwood Care’s first website. It was important the design fitted the existing branding and identified it as a trustworthy healthcare provider.


Hello Whisky is a WooCommerce whisky subscription site. It was great working closely with the owner and seeing his business come alive.

Kallums Bathrooms

In 2021 Kallums Bathrooms needed assistance with a website they had built using Elementor with a mix of custom code and a custom theme. The site had been built uisng a mixture of Elementor’s global settings with custom css, and it made any content updates unpredictable. The style was inconsistent across the site’s WooCommerce and […]

The Daisy Cafe

in 2019 The Daisy Cafe of Heavitree, Exeter needed a new website. It needed to be fast, simple and easy to be understood by potential customers on mobile and desktop. We discussed the content and design with the owner to come up with a solution that met the needs of the café and it’s customers […]

How to Increase WordPress Memory Limit after fatal error

fatal error: allowed memory size of ######## bytes exhausted If you’ve seen these words before, chances are you’ve got a new wordpress site on an affordable host with the default settings. Sometimes this error will go away on it’s own, but it will likely come back the next time your site’s memory allowance fills up, […]

Adding a Dynamic Copyright year that automatically updates in Elementor

Why do websites use a copyright notice? The copyright symbol © is intended as a reminder that the content displayed is under copyright. It isn’t essential in every country, web content is widely protected under copyright law regardless of the presence of the words or symbol. However, it is useful to prompt would-be “borrowers” to […]

How to add a cookies consent popup in Elementor

Why do you need a Cookie consent popup? European Union law dictates that businesses who collect information about internet users need to declare this to the user before they do so. Therefore, most websites use a permanent banner or temporary popup in order to comply with EU law. This notice must disclose the fact that […]